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Назад в совок -- выездные визы для украинцев от Зеленского

Это пять баллов! Нарид получил по самое нехочу :)
Зеля, продолжай!

❗️Ukrainian nationals who have permanent residency in the UK and who wish to travel there may be granted permission to leave Ukraine by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

The British Embassy will support this process by informing the MFA of your planned travel and forwarding to them details of your residency status in the UK.

This process is for direct flights to the UK, for flights to third countries from which you will take an onward flight to the UK, and for travel by land.

To allow us to inform the MFA of your intention to leave Ukraine for the UK, please email the following information to 72 hours in advance of the flight’s departure at latest.
We will be unable to process any requests received any later than this deadline.

✅Full name

✅Date of birth

✅Passport Number and Expiry Date

✅Residency Permit Number and Expiry Date

✅A scan of your Residency Permit

✅Details of the route you wish to take to the UK

⚠️Please note that our informing the MFA of your intention to leave does not confirm the validity of your residence permit, nor your ability to enter the UK.
The final decision to grant entry to the UK is always made by the UK Border Force at the port of arrival.

☝️Please note that Ukrainian authorities have informed us that only Ukrainians with permanent residency in foreign countries will be able to leave Ukraine.

We are therefore unable to assist any Ukrainian nationals with other UK visas or permits in leaving Ukraine.
You should contact the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine on +380 44 527 63 63 should you have any further queries on this.

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Все слышали такую сказку, что якобы украинцы, белорусы и русские – это братский единокровный народ, который происходит якобы от триединой древнерусской народности. Ученые открыли страшную тайну – мы не братья. Праславянский этнос, конечно, существовал где-то со II тысячелетия до нашей эры, из…
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May 9 2020, 01:39:27 UTC 1 year ago

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//Нарид получил по самое нехочу//
Это только начало.