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Когда, пребывая в блаженном неведении,..

... какой нибудь американец или европеец снова примется поучать украинцев, как правильно жить или как быть правильным европейским гражданином, шлите его на йух. Бескомпромиссно.

Западная Европа предала Украину за последние сто лет минимум трижды.

Wagging the finger: where the West fails to understand Ukraine

So the next time an American or Western European decides to lecture a Ukrainian about the choices Ukraine makes in its present moment or about its complicated history, instead of attempting to justify or defend it, Ukrainians should simply say “well, if you hadn’t abandoned us three times in the 20th century, maybe we wouldn’t have these problems. Oh, and by the way—what exactly have you done for us lately? Nothing? Yeah, thanks for that. Sorry—continue with what you were saying before.”

EuromaidanPress © Адриан Боненбергер / Adrian Bonenberger is a writer and Army veteran living in Ukraine. His accomplishments include publication in the New York Times, Washington Post, Foreign Policy, and not believing obvious Russian propaganda.

Дискуссия - только с теми, кто прочел всю статью в источнике. Остальные - смело идут вслед за кацапнёй и про-кацапнёй - на йух.

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